The idea for an Itchin’ Post Animal Grooming Pad came from Cherie McKenzie, owner of Sundown Horse Shelter, out of a need to give the horses at  Sundown Horse Shelter  (please click to donate!)  a safe place to rub that would stop them from damaging themselves and the equipment on the farm when rubbing. She looked everywhere to find something to stop the damage after fixing and replacing gates, feeders, fences and a few expensive Vet bills.

It needed to be something that would give the horses relief and protection from using tree branches and the corner of the barn or anything sharp enough to injure them. We didn’t find anything that would help this issue and even tried making some makeshift scratching areas that didn’t hold up under the weight of our horses.

So we brought some minds together and created the perfect solution for our horses. The Itchin’ Post Animal Grooming Pad is a 23 1/4″ x 15″ flexible pad with rounded nubs sticking up about an inch that protects and massages animals at the same time. Itchin’ Post is a super durable design that stands up to extreme temperatures of -77 F to 277 F.

Itchin’ Post’s goal is to provide enrichment to animals and owners through the highest quality products by bringing health and happiness to all.

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