Hello Nick-Just a short note to let you know how much my miniature horse Monte enjoys his Itchin’ Post. Even my Great Dane, Kingston, has discovered the benefits of a slow rub up against it. I am trying to get pictures of both to send to you. Thank you for a great product!Happy whinnies from Monte and long slobbers from Kingston.
Hugs and a tip of the old cowboy hat to you
from their ‘Mom’ Jutta in Manistee, Michigan
Thank you very much for this product. I was at a loss
of what to do with a itchy horse rubbing/pulling his mane out. This product works!
Belinda Conley, Texas

Our barnyard animals are using the pads to rub on. Also, they have not
found the material desirable to chew on, which is a bonus. These pads
are versatile as permanent exhibit fixtures or as a novel item to change
out.We can use them with all of our hoovestock. We are glad to have this
product to provide a safe place for these animals to scratch themselves
on and anticipate that we can avoid wounds created by itching accidents.

Leslie Larsen
Director of Education and Animal Husbandry
Lake Superior Zoo, Duluth, MN

Nick installed Itchin’ Posts in our giraffe, bison, reindeer, and zebra displays as well as in giraffe holding at Como Zoo.
Our big male giraffe would leave piles of hair under the Itchin’ Post
indoors in his stall and we would also see him utilizing
it outside, the female giraffe were a little more leery,
but they have interacted with them.Itchin’ Posts are great
for the bison, especially in the spring when they are trying to
get rid of their winter coats.Nick installed a large drain tube upright with Itchin’ Posts
all around it and our girls will rub their heads and
bodies on it regularly.
Allison Jungheim
Como Zoo, St. Paul, MN
The animals love your Itchin’ Post! The horses, the donkeys, the ponies and even the reindeer!And it sure saves wear and tear on our fences and buildings.
John & Mary Block, Jomar Farms