Santoprene – An advanced material to give you more value for your buck!

Each Itchin’ Post Animal Grooming Pad weighs 3 1/2 pounds, so yeah, it’s a solid piece of equipment designed to last for years of regular use even in extreme temps of -70 degrees F to 270 degrees F. It won’t crack or get brittle in the cold or fade and melt away in the heat. We put UV treatments in to prevent harm from the sun too.The length can be wrapped around a 4×4 post and touch end to end. The width can be wrapped around a 6×6 post and touch end to end. They’re flexible so you can mount them flat on a wall, around a post or tree, even on your horse trailer. The slightly semi porous surface allows you to apply fly repellant, coat conditioners or healing oils onto the pad that will transfer onto your animals. Zoo Keepers do it daily to save them time spraying each animal. The slightly flexible one inch nubs give a muscle massage to stimulate blood flow healing muscles faster after exercise to invigorate your animal.

SIZING: Each Itchin’ Post Grooming Pad is 23 1/4″ Long, 14 7/8″ Wide.
The nubs are one inch tall, the base is 1/4″ thick.


Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Natural and our newest color, Dark Brown

We found a study at the University of Madison Wisconsin about what colors horses can see. Blue, yellows and greens are shown on their color wheel as dominant colors visible to animals with cone shaped retinas. You can always combine colors to commemorate your favorite sports team if you’re not really into the scientific stuff though.
Itchin’ Post – A higher level of enrichment for happier animals.


How many Itchin’ Posts do I need?

Itchin’ Post is ┬ádesigned to cover up spots where animals already rub or could rub and get splinters, scratches and lacerations. Those are Big Cuts that need stitches and leave scars forever.Walk around your place and find the spots you see hair stuck to or that look discolored.The most popular spot to mount them is on the corners of run-in shelters where animals hang out most. We mount them starting at head height and work our way down to the ground (or as far as you can go).If you don’t have anything sturdy, buy a 4×4 and plant it in the ground near the place your animals rub on the fence.Three Itchin’ Posts mounted up and down a 4×4 post provides six feet of rubbing area all the way around. Watch our videos on the home page for examples of how animals rub when you’re not looking.Remember, those big nubs give one of the greatest massages your animal will ever have. Massages feel really good to me, so give ’em plenty to enjoy!